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Dark & Light Mode Update (3.0 public release [10/26/20])

We are at 3,018 views as of September 8, 2020 at 11:52 AM (pacific time). Thanks for your support!

Welcome to WebSnake Ver. 3.0. In this update, I added dark mode. A lot of people like dark mode, so why should websnake have no dark mode option? If you want light mode, click here.

The old launcher still has the easter eggs, so if you want to go hunting for some, click here.

(Note: Old launcher does NOT have dark mode. It is only applied to the new launchers, due to the fact that the old launcher won't be recieving updates unless the snake game does, in which case that is the only part of the old launcher that will get updated.)

WebSnake is a passion project. It will always stay free.